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Highlights of Town Experience:

Wrote the grant that brought the Park and Recreation pre and post school program to Putnam Valley in 1985.

Strongly supported and helped create five consecutive town budgets
amounting to a total of 10% tax increase over the five years (2.0 % increase a year on average).

Introduced legislation to provide the people of Putnam Valley with the ability to decide, through referendum, the establishment of a full time appointed assessor position in Putnam Valley.

Opposed the establishment of a human waste processing plant in Putnam Valley. Directly responsible for providing legislation which "outlawed" the plant and future ecologically harmful endeavors within PV.

Strong management of the Police department and a request for a state evaluation (the Town Board ultimately voted to move forward with a general audit of the department and then disbandment).

Strong supporter of Countywide Revaluation.

Strong supporter, with Supervisor Spinelli, of Town wide Garbage
Pickup. Enabling legislation was passed in the Assembly, the Senate and has been signed by Governor Pataki. Though the present Town Board has decided not to support Town wide garbage pickup, the enabling legislation will always be available allowing for future consideration.

In charge of Town Bulk Drop-off Center every 3rd Saturday of the month. Chaired the "Solid Waste Task Force" for the implementation of town wide garbage pickup.

Strong advocate of Parks and Recreation Programs. Was the Board liaison to Parks and Recreation for 5 years.

Strong advocate of "qualifications over affiliation" when proposing membership for standing committees, task forces and or advisory councils. Best-qualified will always secure my vote.

Highlights of County Experience:

Prevented the County Bus Transportation System from being slashed.

Preserved our PARC Pre-School Program.

Initiated and helped get passed the resolution which called for additional safety precautions around the Indian Point Nuclear Plant.  Caused the County Executive's veto to be over-turned when the County Executive vetoed the resolution.

Initiated and helped get passed the resolution outlawing the use of brine and any other residual material(s) on our County roadways that came from any Fracking Process in the U.S.

Helped stop the use of billboards on our bikeway, preserving the natural beauty of our trails.

Initiated the Prescription Discount Card Program and now a Dental Discount Card Program for all County residents.

Supported and helped secure a County wide Advanced Life Support service providing round the clock ambulance flycar coverage in our County as well as the Town of Putnam Valley.

Protected the ALS services in Putnam Valley and our County when these services were going to be discontinued by the Legislature.

Supported and helped secure a fully functional intergenerational Senior Center in Putnam Valley. It was through my efforts that funding for this project was not disrupted or cut off by prior PV administrations. The “Center” is a great success.

Supported and helped secure funding for a Sheriff's substation in Putnam Valley, Sheriff's lake patrol in Putnam Valley and the Specta program for our youth. Have supported the Resource School Officers in all of our County Middle and High Schools.

Supported and helped complete the E-911 CAD system after a tedious 10 years of creation (completed by the mid-point of my second year on the Legislature).

Supported and helped oversee the completion of the new County Courthouse after 19 years of delays and obstructions.

Helped oversee and fund the work on the Ninham Communications Tower, road construction projects, senior housing, Veteran's home, Kohler/Mahopac Senior Center and many other capitol projects.

Personally procured funding for the Peers Influence Peers Program and the Putnam Valley After-school Program.

Secured a $100,000 grant from NY State Legislature for our Town Park. Have also secured numerous school grants and emergency services grants from the State Legislature with whom I have a very strong personal and working relationship.

Voted against and then refused the 34% pay increase the Legislature voted for itself 10 years ago. Returned my portion back to the taxpayers.

Assisted in creating a new personnel evaluation standard for County employees as well as a new salary increase procedure for administrative staff.

Proposed, and the Legislature secured, a contractual agreement to film and run all Full Monthly Legislative meetings. The County has taken over this operation as a cost saver and our meetings are broadcast throughout the county including in Putnam Valley.

Have helped get County departmental heads to visit Putnam Valley on an on going basis to provide assistance with questions and or concerns about any department in the County. PV also now has a senior citizen liaison.

Have strongly supported and been instrumental in securing for our Town much needed assistance and support in the areas of Highway and road maintenance, salt shed construction, reconstruction of our business areas, senior citizens activities and buildings and many other shared services endeavors.

Have overseen all Health, Educational, Social and Environmental concerns including the Watershed Agreement and open space initiatives, through my chairpersonship of the Health, Educational, Social and Environmental Committee for 14 years.

When I was Chairperson of the Personnel Committee for 2 years, I assisted in establishing a fair and equitable health insurance contribution system for our County retirees and workers. I helped negotiate 3 major contracts with our County employees. I oversaw the establishment of a fair compensation formula for all of our County Supervisors, Directors and Managers.

Have served diligently and productively on all committees of the Legislature.

Have attended all but a handful of every single full, special, budget, work and regular committee meeting of the Legislature.

Helped secure one of the most restrictive anti-smoking regulations in NY State.

Helped support the start of a Putnam County Biketrail linking the already existing Westchester County trail with our own "Old Put" rail bed and even the old Maybrook Line.

Pushed for the continuation of increased data on our County's webpage, to include written and audio minutes of our Legislative meetings.

Supported increased services through our Sheriff's Department and Emergency Management Department. Mainly, the full implementation of the vehicle locator system and County mapping (GPS). Also, enhanced services for our road patrols and substations. The construction of the EMS building is a major addition to the safety of our citizens.

Increased services for our Seniors though the acquisition of more senior buses, and greater youth involvement through such outstanding programs as Youth Court, Peer Mediation, Peer Leaders and the Sheriff's Cadet Program.

Supported County road rebuilding and maintenance, but fought the reconstruction of Peekskill Hollow Road north of Adams Corners (under pressure from Bob Bondi and myself, the State Dept. of Transportation amended their plans and limited road reconstruction to only Adams Corners south to Oregon Corners).

Supported and secured Historical Designation and weight limit for Peekskill Hollow Rd. with the help of involved citizen, Victor Tiship and Putnam Valley Town Board.

Increased collaborative work with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection as well as the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to resolve the outstanding issues of the Watershed Agreement.

Voted “no” on 3 of the 4 last County budgets. I have constantly urged the County to stop using false revenue sources to artificially lower taxes while at the same time hitting our residents with double-digit tax increases. The County finally agreed with this sound fiscal policy and last year actually put money into the fund balance.

Supported the privatization of our home health care providers with the introduction of the Visiting Nurses of Westchester into Putnam County.

Protected the positions of Commissioner of Health and Advocate for People’s With Disabilities when these positions were threatened by cuts.

Have and will continue to fight for the greater good, the people’s will and the health and safety of our County residents. || Home: (845) 528-5366 || Cell: (914) 414-5768 || P.O. Box 326, Putnam Valley, NY 10579